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Why Is Computer Literacy Necessary?

Why Is Computer Literacy Necessary?

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Everywhere you go whether it is a mechanic's shop or a fast food restaurant, some form of technology and computers is being used. It may be a computerized cash register or the machine that cleans out your engine but it is a computer and everyone needs basic computer skills to function in today's job market.

The basic computer skills that every person regardless of age should know includes common application programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. They should know how to go online, check their email account, send mail with an attachment and how to use simple email features. The use of email and familiarity with the internet are becoming basic requirements for almost every job. Most jobs are posted online and how can a person respond to an online advertisement without knowing how an email works?

A small minority of people may have managed to avoid computers for the last several years, but even jobs behind a fast food counter are entering the age of computer machinery. I remember taking my first classes in basic computers and I marveled at people who left the class the first day because they were already effortlessly creating error-free and complex Microsoft Word documents. I did not reach that level of comfort around computers until after I was forced to learn more if I wanted a better job and a career.

I am still shocked and disappointed when I hear of kids and adults who have very little or no computer skills at all. I've met teenagers who could create beautiful complex websites by the age of 15 so how is it possible that some people have stayed in the unplugged dark ages? Hadn't computers been a standard part of their education hadn't they learned reading, writing, and computing? No... it is still up to each and every one of us to learn what the public school administration hasn't stubbornly provided Computer Literacy.

Why Is Computer Literacy Necessary?

  • In the bank they use computers to look up your bank account information.
  • Auto repair shops use computers to assess what is wrong with your car.
  • You can't find books in the library by looking in a card catalog you must use a computerized database.
  • Doctors' offices utilize computers to store patient information.

How much longer will it be before every single aspect of our lives is kept in an electronic file?

Here is a scarier aspect. Those who do not know computers are people who are targeted by scam artist because they know they will not know to look up information electronically. By the time a victim figures out they are a victim it is often too late.

No matter where you find employment, there is a good chance a computer will be a basic tool you will have to use. It does not mean you need to know how to write computer programs such as Microsoft Word. You just need to know some basics. Having computer skills is as valuable as a basic education. But until computers is a necessity along with reading, writing and math it is up to us to educate ourselves.



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