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The Career Opportunities How-To

Telephone interviews are becoming more common in today's hiring market because they save time and money compared with face-to-face interviews. Here are some tips for job seekers to boost their success rates

Step 1

Schedule the phone interview when you can use a landline and when others probably will not disturb you.

Step 2

Know about the company youíre applying to. Go the company website and research what they do, new services or products in developments and read the New Releases.

Step 3

Anticipate some of the questions. Put potential questions and your responses in an outline form and use it while on the phone. Donít forget to take notes while on the phone. Take advantage of the fact that they canít see you.

Step 4

Smile - An uneasy attitude can easily show itself over a phone call. Before the interview, spend a few minutes listening to your favorite song, reading some inspirational quotes or think about the things you want in your life that inspire you. The goal is to get in a good mood.

Step 5

Disable call waiting. If for some reason you are not able to disable call waiting, absolutely ignore it if someone calls.



  • Give the interviewer your undivided attention
  • Pay attention to inflection - The tone and inflection of your voice play an important role when it comes to giving a great impression.
  • Stand up. Stretching out your torso will allow you to have the full strength of your lungs and you will be able to speak clearly with confidence.


  • Donít say too much. There may be an awkward silence after youíve answered a question while the interviewer takes notes on the conversation.
  • Donít close the conversation with a salary question. This could give the impression that you only care about what you will be paid.
  • Donít chew gum, smoke cigarettes or eat food - the noise will be amplified in a telephone interview.