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How To Be Your Own Guide For Your Career

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Careers do not just happen, they are created, one step at a time. Building a career is a lot like building a sand castle. Before you start building one you have to gather all the tools you will need to ensure that it will be stable. This also means choosing a good solid foundation.

A solid foundation means choosing higher education to learn where you want your foundation to be. It is also where you will gather the tools you need to start building your career.

After you have chosen your foundation and gathered your tools Ė the next obvious step is to build it. Building your career is a step-by-step process and the following information will help you be your own guide to your career.

Step 1

Where do you want to be? Consider where you want to be in five or even ten years. Consider what direction will be in your best professional interests and consider each future career advancing step carefully.

Step 2

Research your goal. Really research your goal and understand what it will mean to be in that career position. Make sure you understand what sort of responsibilities and demands the career requires.

Step 3

Be picky who sees your resume. Don't post your resume on every single internet job board. This only sends the wrong message to employers Ė it says ďIím desperate". If a hiring manager sees your resume at every job site they go to they will wonder why you canít get hired.

Step 4

Don't apply for jobs you aren't qualified for. Applying for a position where you lack one minor skill may be ok but donít over reach it. Applying for a position that is not within your ability to do only frustrates and upsets hiring managers. Worse yet they may remember you when you finally do qualify and may not want to give you anther chance.

Step 5

Never stop learning. A way to guarantee career failure is to stop listening and learning. Therefore, know that someone with more experience and someone with less experience has the ability to teach you something. We all have the ability to learn something new through out our lives.



Use recruiters to supplement your job search

Understand what a company is looking for in a job ad

Speak with people who can positively influence your career search

Go out -- socialize and network with new people


Donít rely on recruiters to get you to your next career step.

Donít ignore the "must have" skills

Donít assume someone you have nothing in common with cannot teach you something

Donít be a career hermit and horde your experience & skills