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How to Become A Great Human Resources Manager

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Become a great HR Manager with the right steps and in the right direction.

Step 1

Get your degree in Human Resources. A bachelorís degree is required for you to advanced from supervising a staff to becoming a HR Manager. Night & online classes are always available, and check on any tuition reimbursement programs at your company.

Step 2

Get entry level experience as a shift lead or a staff supervisor. These smaller roles is valuable to a future HR executives. It would be difficult to give valuable advice and guidance to managers if you have never dealt with performance problems yourself.

Step 3

Practice communications skills. HR Managers give presentations, lead meetings and handle employee problems. In order to be an effective HR person you will need to know how to talk to different people.

Step 4

Don't cross the line. It's a hard lesson to learn so make sure you understand that you should never cross the line between employees and friends. You will need to keep secrets and do some of the things everyone hates to do, like terminating employees. The employee could one day be that friend who is also an employee. People will sometimes hate you. If you cannot deal with this hard truth, find a different career.

Step 5

Image is everything. People watch what HR managers do. Practice great work habits on the job and you will never have to worry about a bad image coming back to haunt you.



Be willing to take calculated risks.

Maintain professionalism.


Don't Put off your education

Don't confuse socializing with networking