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Goals help us reach a new pedestal in our careers and daily lives. Here are some practical suggestions for creating goals and in obtaining the desired goal outcome.

Step 1

Be specific and create realistic goals. Creating goals that are too far out of reach will out discourage you. When it comes to making a change, you will be more successful if you set smaller goals and build up to larger ones. 

Step 2

Allow your change to mature. It takes time for a change to become an established habit. You will probably fail a few times and this is to be expected. We don't expect kids to do a task perfectly the first time, so don't expect perfect results for new habit the first time either. 

Step 3

Make it a routine. Doing something once is a novelty. Doing something three times or more is a routine and a habit. Repeat your goal out loud every morning. This will help you remember what you want and why you're working for it. Every time you say your goal out loud you are training your brain to make it a habit.

Step 4

Your goals are personal. When creating goals, you must remember that the goals are for you and no one else. If you create a goal to make someone else happy you have more chances of failure than success. The key to unlocking an obstacle and making a change is to find the desire within you. You have to do it because you want it, not because a girlfriend, boyfriend, parent, or employer wants you to.

Step 5

Obstacles are roadblocks not failure. Mistakes are part of the learning process as you retrain your brain into a new way of thinking. It may take a few tries to turn a goal into a habit but that is normal. Don't give up after a few failed times when trying to make a change.



Do decide how you will deal with the temptation

Do make a "pro" and "con" list

Do reward yourself in a small way


Don't beat yourself up when you mess up occasionally

Donít make goals that are near impossible

Donít make a long list of goals