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How To Make Distance Learning A Success

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Twenty years ago it was not very likely that a full time working professional or a stay at home parent could go to college because it just didnít fit in with their hectic schedules. However, our current technology now makes education available to anyone with a computer. While online education is just as valuable as face-to-face classroom instruction it is the student who will determine if they are successful.

Distance learning has created doors where once there were none. It has made career opportunities and job advancement available to those who cannot afford to pay for the high fees of full-time college courses. Nevertheless, while online distance learning courses have many advantages over on-campus degree courses, many factors come into play in order to make this a success for students.

Step 1

Be wary of potential "degree mill" colleges. They are the unscrupulous businesses that sell degrees without providing a quality education. Do the background check on the college before signing up.

Step 2

Research how a specific online degree may be accepted with potential employers and in the industry. Some employers and or industries may consider only an in person college experience and or internship as creditable.

Step 3

Attending college online takes more discipline and determination than an in person college. There will be no one else but you to say ďItís time to go to school.Ē

Step 4

Make full use of the collegeís online facilities, tools and resources. This includes online libraries, networking opportunities and one-on-one teacher or student web casts and forums.

Step 5

Donít throw away your college credits. College credits of an accredited online college are transferable. Most distance learning institutions allow students to transfer their credits from courses they had taken from other colleges. You may want to upgrade your skills at a later time so make sure your credits are transferable.



Any college that is either too easy or doesn't care that you havenít completed your assignments is a waste of your money. Avoid colleges that look too good to be true

Avoid distractions. Attend college in the part of your day or evening where you know you can close a door and dedicate yourself only to college.


Donít try to do it all. The wonderful thing about online college is that you get to choose your own schedule. As with any college there are always students who want to do it all and overwhelm themselves with too many classes.

Do not forget to do your research before signing up for classes. This is a real college that can create genuine career opportunities.