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With Christmas craziness over and New Year's resolution making approaching, it's that time of year again to consider how we can make and keep goals. Goals should not be something placed so high on a self that we almost expect to fail when trying to reach them. Goals are building blocks to the next goal to something that we truly want. If what you want is a four figure career position than the best way to reach that goal is by reaching smaller goals that build up to that four figure income.

These practical tips on goal setting can help make it easier to set and reach goals.

Step 1

Create goals that are challenging but reachable.

Step 2

If you on your goals is to start a new routine than remember that repeating a goal makes it stick.

Step 3

Donít give up if you donít reach or keep your goal(s) quickly. It takes time for a change to become an established habit.Try and try again and again, you can do it.

Step 4

Goals and resolutions are personal. Donít make goals that only please others it never works. The key to making any change is to find the desire within you for yourself. Making goals that others want you to make is a guaranteed failure.

Step 5

Obstacles and not succeeding at the first attempt does not mean failure. It takes time and practice in order to make a goal a part of your life. Obstacles and not being a success at first is part of the learning process as you retrain your brain into a new way of thinking.



Do write down your goals

Do post pictures that represent your goals


Do not give up

Do not let others tell you your goals are stupid or silly