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As a teacher or educator, it can be overwhelming to face all the responsibilities in writing a good instruction plan. Here are some helpful steps in making a learning plan that will help students learn more.

Step 1

Review Your Resources

Go online and find other instructors that work with similar students. Collaborate with others and find out what works, what doesn’t work and potential success in new strategies. Take some time to review what resources are already available to you.

Step 2

Create Evaluation Tools

Create a diversity of evaluation tools to calculate how well your student(s) are learning. Consider both summative and formative measures.

Step 3

Follow A Standard Template For Preparing A Plan

Begin with an objective and include standard lessons, assessments, resources, and growth as your student(s) move from one lesson / activity to the next.

Step 4

Describe Your Objectives

Write a clear goal for each lesson and activity. Keep the focus on learning the lesson of the activity.



Talk with your student(s) to see what they think will help them learn

Over-plan - it is always better to have more activities than not enough.


Forget to stick to a timeline

Assume your student(s) are learning, talk to them about the activities.