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Whether your aim is to find a nursing school in Florida, a medical assisting program in Texas or a radiology course in California, these information resources and school search links will help you learn more about the health care career you’re considering, and help you locate your school. Just choose your area of interest below.

How Much do Medical Assistants Make?

how much do medical assistants makeMedical assistants make a national average of $28,041, with some variation between states.

Types of Law Enforcement Officer

Law enforcement officers come in many different forms, each with a slightly different jurisdiction and set of duties. Some officers are city-based, others patrol rural areas. Some members of law enforcement are involved in the close-up analysis of evidence, and don’t patrol at all. Here is a basic overview of the many types of police and law officer.

Police Officer Job Description

police officer job descriptionThe job of a police officer is demanding and challenging, and requires more than just the ability to fire a weapon and chase down suspects.

X-ray Technologist Employment and Salary Figures

woman with x ray behind screenX-ray technologist employment and salary figures for major US metropolitan areas, as of May 2007. Salary figures represent the average annual salary for each area.

Nine Good Nursing Student Forums

Nursing forumsNursing forums are an underrated and underutilized source of support for students in nursing school, and for professional nurses in general. Nursing students need as much support as possible, especially when studying at home or online. While family, friends and spouses are an indispensable source of moral support, a huge source of confidence for nursing students often comes from the communities they find online.

Registered Nurse (RN) Salary and Employment Figures

Registered nurseRegistered Nurse (RN) employment and salary figures for major US metropolitan areas, as of May 2007. Salary numbers represent the average annual salary for each area.

Plaza College

Plaza College is a vocational career college that focuses on employment-oriented education in business, health care, and information technology. Founded in 1916, Plaza College is located in Jackson Heights, Queens County, New York.

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Arizona School of Massage Therapy

Arizona School of Massage Therapy is a career training college that focuses on massage therapy, including the art and science aspects of the trade, as well as business practices.

Medix School

Medix School is a post-secondary institution providing career training for individuals who wish to become specialized health care professionals.

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