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Whether your aim is to find a nursing school in Florida, a medical assisting program in Texas or a radiology course in California, these information resources and school search links will help you learn more about the health care career you’re considering, and help you locate your school. Just choose your area of interest below.

Medical Assisting

medical assistantThis versatile health care role was recognized by the US Labor Bureau as one of the fastest growing health care professions in the country. Medical Assisting involves administrative and light clinical tasks in a variety of medical facilities.

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Find Medical Assisting Schools <<


nurseNursing can encompass many levels of responsibility, ranging from simple bedside care to managing care plans and educating communities, or even acting as a primary practitioner. Those considering nursing careers will see high demand in all areas of health care.

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Find Nursing Schools <<

Radiography (X-Ray Tech)

x-ray technologistRadiographers and X-Ray Technologists play a specialized role in health care, operating x-ray machinery to help diagnose bone fractures and other internal injuries. This area of health care continues to grow as demand for medical imaging increases.

More information:

Find X-Ray Technologist Schools <<

Ultrasound / Sonography

ultrasound technologistDiagnostic Medical Sonographers, also known as Ultrasound Technologists, play a similar role to their X-Ray Tech counterparts, but use sound waves rather than radiation to diagnose structural injuries in the human body. Demand in this area is growing almost as quickly as in radiology, and some prefer ultrasound for its lower risk factors.

More information:

Find Ultrasound Schools <<

Medical Billing & Coding

medical billing and codingHealth care facilities could not run smoothly without the help of trained medical billing and coding specialists, who translate medical records and procedure notes into the universal coded language used by insurance agencies and hospitals across the country.

More information:

Find Medical Billing & Coding Schools <<

Medical Transcription

medical transcriptionTranscriptionists are needed to turn doctors’ recorded lab notes into type-written medical documents, which are then stored for the hospital’s records. Medical transcriptionists are also involved in the processing of doctors’ referral letters and other communications.

More information:

Find Medical Transcription Schools <<

Pharmacy Technician

pharmacy technicianThese pharmacy workers process and fill prescription orders from hospitals and other health care facilities, supplying patients with their medications. The pharmacy technician profession is also predicted by the US Labor Bureau to be one of the fastest-growing health care jobs in the nation.

More information:

Find Pharmacy Technician Schools <<

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    I want to become a medical assistant as we can see that MA jobs are in demand now-a-days,
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