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Nursing forumsNursing forums are an underrated and underutilized source of support for students in nursing school, and for professional nurses in general. Nursing students need as much support as possible, especially when studying at home or online. While family, friends and spouses are an indispensable source of moral support, a huge source of confidence for nursing students often comes from the communities they find online.

Nursing forums provide not only the answers, opinions and feedback that can help a student (or a professional) over the tough hurdles that nursing and nursing school can present, but they also provide a great sense of camaraderie and belonging, something that weighs more heavily in your nursing experience than might be expected. Often, nursing students who work together in online forums gain new friendships, as well as better scores.

We’ve scoured the Web for some of the best and most active nursing forums out there. Here they are, in no particular order. Try a few of them out, they might give you that extra push you need.

Nursing Student Forums – This prominent, busy forum contains specific threads for news, first-year nurses, stress management, equipment, career advice, humor and other useful topics and resources. It’s a wealth of brains for students and professional nurses alike to pick. – For the minimalist, this forum simplifies its categories to only a handful, with open discussions between students, working professionals, job seekers and other nursing personnel on degrees, work environments, legal issues, placement and other topics. – Not quite as busy as most, but UltimateNurse offers discussion on recruiting and job placement, travel nursing, nursing news, education and state-specific nursing, making it a strong forum for career concerns. – This small but active discussion board includes a student section where discussion covers the TEAS and NCLEX, externships, graduation and general student anxiety. Politics rears its head in the debate thread, and like most nursing forums, the humor section is present and accounted for. – Also featuring a student thread with conversations surrounding clinical externships, colleges and career plans, features an election 2008 thread where the candidates’ stances on health care are scrutinized and debated, albeit not without some partisan lip. – A variety of topics awaits forum users here, including a student center, equipment and technology threads, pharmaceutical thread, an NCLEX forum, and a separate student lounge, making it one of the most student-friendly forums on the list. Also included is an Ask-a-Nurse thread where questions are fielded by real, live nurses. – This site features a new grad advice thread, where exams, job hunting and first jobs are the main fare. A hobby thread discusses the lighter side of nursing life, while the rant thread lets users vent on the other side of things. Politics, religion and ethnic issues find a home in the forum’s other threads, as well as student and school concerns.

AllStudentNurses – One of the many Yahoo! Groups focused on medical careers, AllStudentNurses is a student-centric forum discussing all aspects of student nursing. Members come and go, but joining more than one Yahoo! Group might result in meeting the same people elsewhere, making this a good place to start building your online student nurse community. – This well-organized board isn’t the busiest one out there, but individual zones for nursing specialties, students, recent grads, career concerns and personal life provide a wide range of subjects for discussion. You could probably get some useful advice on any nursing topic you could imagine, given a few days for members to see it.

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