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Video Game Tester

Career Highlights

  • Play video games
  • Test video games
  • Write opinions about video games

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Career Summary

Working as a video game tester is an exciting, unique and fun career, but it's not necessarily as easy or as fun as it you may have imagined.

If you are a true video game geek, it can be a lovingly frustrating career opportunity. Video game testing is the ideal way to break into the video game industry. It's a potential "foot in the door" that can serve as a great stepping stone into other video game careers.

Many game designers and programmers started as game testers, so it is still important to go to college for a degree. Fortunately, you can still work as a video game tester while going to college.

One way to begin building a legitimate career in video game testing is to start participating in public beta tests for popular video games. Yes, these are freebies. But this will allow you to become familiar with what a video game tester may actually do every day.

The great thing about beta testing games is that it can be done from home in your spare time. This way you can stay at your current job, or even start college. Some video game companies will also offer the final version of the game for free or at a reduced price to beta testers.

With the video game industry become larger every year, more and more video game tester jobs are being made available. Video game companies often spend millions of dollars developing a game, and they often need as many beta game testers as possible to iron out all the bugs before releasing it to the public.

Attention to detail and good communication skills are very important in these roles. A video game tester must be able to demonstrate their ability to play the game and give accurate details regarding the game's playability, speed, function and overall appeal. They think about things such as:

  • What did you think of the background?
  • What advertising did you notice during the game?
  • What weapons were made available to you for inventory?
  • Was the little girl walking across the street wearing a pink or a green shirt?

Game Testing is More than Just Games

Video game testers also must be able to use other software for reporting their opinions, suggestions, feelings and answers to testing surveys. In addition, many testing opportunities will want to know what operating systems you are familiar with. The kind of operating system a game is played on makes a difference.

Video game testers must also have the ability to communicate both aurally and in writing, as they have to be able to explain situations to the video games team for whom they are testing.

In the end, video game tester jobs are like any other job. They can be fun, but at times they can also be boring and tedious. If you want to be a video game tester simply because you want to play video games all day, this may not be the career for you. Another career name for a video game tester is Quality Assurance Representative, which means you are testing, reviewing and assuring that the game is sellable entertainment.




Requires a degree in one of the following:

  • Game Art and Design
  • Programming
  • 3D Animation

Career Skills

  • Intermediate hardware knowledge
  • Intermediate software knowledge
  • Detail oriented
  • Clear communications

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  1. Game Tester

    I've been gaming for awhile and now I want to get paid for it please send me a job applicant forum so I can apply and be a harsh cridic to your games ;p

  2. Age

    My son is interested in being a game tester,
    what is the age to become one?

  3. Age?

    My son is interested in becoming a game tester.How old would he have to be?

  4. Guide To Become A Game Tester


    I am doing Video Game Testing for about 4 years now and have been working with every big company.

    To know more, join my blog, where I share my experiences:


  5. how can i become a games tester games is the only thing im good at

  6. wants to do this super uber bad

    how can i find a job doing this

  7. Do i need a degree?

    I am really confused. The question i have is do i need training or some sort of adegree to become a video game tester. I am really attracted to this career full-time so i would like to get some advice and to have that question answered as soon as possible please.

  8. game tester

    id love to become a game tester, id like to find out how to get employed as one, im a very big gamer, i have yet to find a game that i couldnt beat and talk about in vast detail, i just currently beat Resident Evil 5 and i have told many of my friends how to get better weapons and where many of the BSAA Emblems are, i found them all on accident, i dont believe in game guides or cheats, unless you have beaten the game more than once then its acceptable but nevertheless id love to become a game tester

  9. Paid to Test Games

    I looked around a lot online to find out how to become a video game tester. Finally I got hired and am making money just to play games! I never thought it would happen, but luckily I found

  10. Other video game jobs

    If you become a video game designer after the video game testing job, do you get to play the video game that you helped create or are you only able to play the video games if your either a video game tester or Quality Assurance Representative?

  11. Need guidence

    I done my Master In Computer Application.
    I need information to know how i become a game tester.
    Help me..

  12. promotions

    do video game tester get promotions

  13. Why you need a degree

    I know, it seems like no one needs a degree to test video games all day. There's no college class for 30-move combos, as it were.

    However, playing the game isn't the only aspect of video game testing -- employers require input and feedback in the form of organized reviews, reports and suggestions, and all keeping in mind that your feedback will be used to sell the game to the end user. Because of this, employers require the same kinds of degrees required of professional journalists, movie and restaurant reviewers, travel journalists and others in advertising and media.

    ...which is disappointing, but it's the only way to be taken seriously as a professional.

    See our article on video game tester jobs for more info.

  14. why?!

    why do you need a degree.

  15. Tester

    Do you really need a degree to become a game tester? I thought thats how you start out then if you like doing it you can move up and be a graphic designer or programmer and get a degree

  16. Game Tester

    Nice, I like what you have said.
    But I was wondering...
    I love video games, probably more than most gamers out there.
    But in today's time money is a big thing(although it be not for me)
    You must have a lot to advance in this messed up world of ours.
    So before I ramble more I was wondering, what are some minimums and maximums for income of a game tester?

  17. Tester

    Top 10 Sports gamer in the Nation seeking EA Contract.

  18. game testing

    how can i become a game test. i think i can benifit from being one cause i go and buy games then post reviews on sites that are about that certian game. right now i've been playing super smash brothers brawl and i have posted many reviews and tricks to help people learn how to be advance. so if you can help me learn how to be a game test i would like that.

  19. oh my gosh!

    nice i want to be a game tester


    "what is the best degree to get to be accepted as a video game tester in the gaming industry?"

    Game Art and Design

  21. What is the best way to become a tester? I am a video game fanatic and i have so much insight on most of the games i play. I also want to know what is the best degree to get to be accepted as a video game tester in the gaming industry.

  22. game tester

    how can i become a game tester

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