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The Career Opportunities How-To

If you are unsure of what career you would like to pursue, a career assessment test can help guide you towards the right decision. It will help you identify your strengths and interests.

Here is a great Step-by-Step career assessment to follow in trying to decide what career you want to pursue. Follow these simple steps and you should achieve a great start to a career self-discovery process.

Step 1

Print out and retain the results of the career assessment and give them to a career counselor to help guide you towards a career. Repeating a test at least a couple of times will help show you your different interests and skills. Just as a career counselor is a guide, so are the tests. They are they to help you learn more about yourself and to help you determine which career will most likely make you happy in life.

Step 2

Find a qualified career counselor that you can talk with to discuss different careers. Make sure it is someone you feel comfortable and even trust in this area. The career counselor should be someone who can guide you through the career assessment test answers.

Step 3

Keep your expectations in check when you take the career assessment test. You may want one career because it sounds exciting, but you may learn that the skills and responsibilities needed for the career are not something you are a natural at… or want to do. Attain some direction and guidance from the test, but don’t overly rely on it for the magical career answer.

Step 4

Trust what the little voice inside is telling you. If you are being told you would be a great scientist but your ‘little voice’ is saying, “you hate science!” – Listen to that voice. Don’t atomically throw the idea away – put a question mark next to it. If the online assessment tells you something about yourself that doesn’t ring true, take the career assessment test again and carefully read each question and answer to chose from.

Step 5

Have fun taking the career assessment test. Self-discovery is almost always an enlightening and often entertaining process. This is why you should take the test at least three times. You almost certainly will not choose the exact same answers every time.



Keep a positive attitude in the test. We as humans are known to be our own worst enemy.

Get a good sleep the night before the test. Feed your body and take the test in the morning and the test will be more ‘you’.

Read the whole question before choosing an answer


Don't discount the possibility that the free online assessment might suggest to you some career ideas and directions you had never thought of --they are worth further exploration.

Don't try to 'think' the test. Go along where it leads you.

Don't compare your test answers with other people.